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Tips to Help you Choose the Right Mattress for Back Pain Treatment

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A Guide to Choosing Best Mattress For Back Pain

Millions of people suffer from back pain every year.

While it is true that poor sleeping habits can be a cause of back pain, it is also true that having the right mattress is good for back pain treatment.

Even for those who are lucky enough not to have back pain, sleeping on an ergonomic mattress can go a long way in preventing back pain from creeping in.

However, shopping for a good mattress online is not an easy and straightforward task. Here are four tips to help you simplify the process of shopping for a mattress for back pain.

  • First and foremost, when companies label their mattresses as ‘orthopedic’, it is usually not based on any medical standards or any medical research. Most times, this label just means that the mattress is extra firm; something that is not particularly useful for back pain treatment.
  • A good mattress for back pain relief should have good back support while at the same time, being soft enough to contour to the natural curves of your body. A good mattress should also support the natural alignment of the spine. Studies suggest that the best mattress for back pain relief is one that is of medium firmness. This is because it supports the back adequately while at the same time, providing comfort. Mattresses that are too firm tend to push against the natural alignment of the spine and other pressure points thus causing pain and discomfort.
  • It is also crucial for you to understand your sleeping posture well before choosing a mattress. Side sleepers, for example, should choose a mattress that is soft enough to cushion their shoulders and hips while those who sleep on their stomach should choose a mattress that is firmer.
  • Fourthly, keep trying out different mattresses until you find one that suits you and your sleeping posture well. If you are shopping for a mattress in the store, lie on the mattress for ten to fifteen minutes and get a good feel of its condition and level of firmness.

Remember, a mattress of medium firmness is best. Luckily, many companies these days allow clients to order and test out mattresses for a few weeks. Experts recommend three types of mattresses for back pain treatment and prevention. The three are:

1. Memory Foam

Many experts and studies identify memory foam mattresses as the best for the prevention and treatment of back pain. This is because memory foam supports good sleeping posture by helping to maintain the natural alignment of the spine.

Back Pain Treatment

Memory foam is able to do this by being soft enough for the body curves to sink in and firm enough to support the back in place. According to studies, memory foam mattresses of medium-firmness are the best for back pain treatment and relief.

2. Saatva

Saatva mattresses are renowned for their affordability quality and affordability. These mattresses combine the benefits of both memory foam for back pain relief and prevention and coil springs for maximum comfort and durability.

Saatva mattresses are categorized as either plush soft (ideal for side-sleepers) luxury firm (ideal for side, stomach, and back sleepers) and firm (ideal for both back and stomach sleepers).

Many experts consider the luxury firm to be one of the best mattresses for back pain. Saatva mattresses offer home trials of 75 nights with a non-refundable delivery fee. They also offer a warranty period of 15 years.

3. Bear

The Bear mattress is relatively new to the market. Nevertheless, it has already been touted as a good mattress for back pain relief and treatment. It is a foam mattress that is comprised of 3 specially designed layers that ensure that the mattress remains cool, comfortable, supportive and firm.

Back Pain Treatment

In addition to that, it has a specially designed cover that uses Celliant technology to convert body heat into infrared light. This keeps the mattress cool while at the same time allowing for muscle pain relief.

The Bear mattress is also a medium firmness mattress; something that has proven to be beneficial for back pain treatment. Saatva mattresses have a risk free trial period of 100 days and an all inclusive warranty of 10 years.


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