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Seven Proven Tricks to Sleeping Better

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Before we go into an elaborate discussion of how to sleep better, a word of caution: there are articles out there right now claiming you can get away with as little as 4 to 6 hours of sleep a night, that our ancestors did this so we can, too.

This is not scientifically accurate.

As far as medical science is concerned, the old golden rule still applies in order for your back pain to remain under control and to stay sound and fit, you must have at least 8 hours of sleep.

But many of us have so much work pressure that we don’t get sufficient time for proper sleep. As a result, many people complain of suffering from insomnia.

Before you consider risky solutions such as surgery or drugs, make sure you try the following seven proven tricks that have shown to help you sleep better.

1. Have a good meal before you head for bed

It is important to have wholesome, nutritional food before you head to bed.

There is a common belief that skipping your dinner often will make you healthy and help you sleep better. That is the biggest misconception ever. Your body will crave for food and naturally your sleep will be affected.

So, combine a little carbohydrate, protein and a small portion of calcium for your dinner. These will help release serotonin, a chemical produced by the brain that calms down your entire body and help to sleep.

2. Close your eyes & put away the tech

Simply closing your eyes is one of the best natural remedies – that includes no surfing of social networking sites and instant messaging services on your phone.

Shut your eyes, empty your mind and try to calm down. This is a proven formula to cure cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and even obesity. Make it a habit even if you feel that you are not sleepy at night. This will be good for your body as a whole.

3. Create a proper environment for sleep

It is very important to note that to sleep deeply, you must have a calm and quiet environment.

Get a dim light, because bright lights will affect your sleep. You can play soothing music or you may curl up in the bed with a magazine.

Buy good quality, comfortable bedding where you will enjoy falling asleep.

And of course, a great mattress is important.

4. Discard negative thoughts

It is advisable that when you hit the bed at night, you must clear your head of all negative thoughts.

Even if it was a terrible day, you must feel optimistic that everything is going to be fine tomorrow.

A positive spirit will make you happy in your soul and give you a calm and comfortable sleep.

Remember that your professional life has its own space and it must not encroach upon your personal sphere, especially when you are sleeping.

5. Say No to fast food

No, we are not telling you to cut completely down your favorite pizza or your favorite drink. But, you should maintain a minimum level of intake of these foods.

These foods contain saturated salt and preservatives which rips off the essential minerals from your body, giving you a feeling of discomfort.

This is good general medical advice, so you need to have the best diet plan that will be high in fibre and less in carbohydrate content, in order to sleep better.

6. Work out

Yoga pose excercises

Do yoga or undertake rigorous training in the gym or any fitness center several hours before bedtime.

Regular exercising or even walking for 30 minutes has proven beneficial for curing sleeping disorders.

7. Take a bath before you sleep

Soak yourself in a hot bath and pour a few drops of your favourite shower gel.

Taking a warm bath will remove fatigue and the feeling of tiredness from your body. You will feel refreshed and energised before you go to bed and will fall asleep soon.

Follow these natural cures if you want to have a better and sound sleep.

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