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How Obesity is Related to Back Pain?

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Back Pain And Obesity

Many problems are associated with obesity such as being prone to heart, liver and kidney diseases. They may also have personal issues such as low self-esteem. To add on to that list, people who suffer from obesity complain about back pain more than people who have an average weight.

Well, although there is no direct link between obesity and back pain, it has been proved that it does make back pain worse and complicate one’s health issues.

Back Pain

Spinal issues

The spine is the backbone of maintaining one’s posture and ensuring that the back is always correctly positioned. However, when one is obese, there is a lot of pressure on the spine which may result in back pains becoming more severe. The heavier one is, the more prone they are to injure their back as the spine is handling more than it should.

There are some major ways in which obesity can cause damage to the spine. For instance, there is a possibility of getting herniated disc which is what happens when the outer fibers of the spinal discs make threadbare hence causing a lot of pain in the back.

Osteoarthritis is another back problem that is related to aging. Another major reason can be obesity where one experiences pain in their back and joint pains due to the excess weight exerting pressure on those joints.

Spondylolysis and Spondylolisthesis are other back conditions that may be caused by obesity as they limit one’s movement. A lot of people who are obese admit that they feel lazy to move about because they experience pain in their joints.

Lordosis which is the bending of one’s lower back due to a large abdomen may come about due to obesity. Since most obese people do not exercise regularly and eat unhealthily, their middle tends to be bigger and cause a lot of pressure on the back causing pain. There will be less pain if the back is not curved as much.

Diffuse Idiopathic Hyperostosis is a common back problem that is not only associated with senior citizens but also for obese people. This condition makes the spinal ligaments harden causing pain.


Although sometimes, there may be issues arising from surgical operations on the back, surgeons will agree that obese people are more vulnerable to these issues because of their weight. Before they undergo those complicated surgeries, they need to be properly checked and informed of the risks involved in advance.

The doctors will know the right approach to take to deal with the condition so that they do not hurt so much. Furthermore, after the surgery, patients who are obese will have a more difficult time healing because of their weight.


All in all, overweight people are more likely to experience pain in their back as they carry out their daily activities. The solution would be to lose weight by doing exercises, eating healthily and living a good lifestyle. With time, one will notice that the pain has reduced and they are more comfortable with their body.

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