Homemade Pain Relievers

Homemade Pain Relievers For Back Pain

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Not all the pain relief comes from medical treatment. Certain homemade pain relievers are very useful when it comes to eliminating the back pain.

Most of the people ignore the home-made remedies but they are usually the easiest, safest and at times the most effective. However, such remedies may not work for everyone who uses them, but it is worth trying.

You can try as many remedies as possible, and you will finally get one which is the best for you even if it is a little pain relief, it is worth.

Below are some of the effective recipes for homemade pain relievers for back pain:

1. Soak In Warm Water

When you soak in warm water, you can eliminate various forms of muscle spasm and pains and various forms of arthritis.

Soak In Warm Water

You can try several types of warm soak such as deep bathtub, warm pool for water therapy and whirlpool tub. Some people add Epsom salt or essential oils so as to improve the relaxation of the muscles. This in turn help to reduce the muscle pains.

Besides, soaking for some time in the warm water is the best way to go before stretching. This makes the muscles flexible, and the exercise will be more beneficial and tolerable.

2. Try Massage Therapy Using Essential Home Massage Oils

Researchers have revealed that a massage therapy not only enhances the muscles relaxation but also help to get rid of the back pain.

When done properly using the right oil, a therapeutic massage enhances the flow of blood which helps nourish and heal the soft tissues. Moreover, a massage therapy releases the endorphins which happen to be the body’s natural analgesics.

The soft tissues, muscles, tendons and ligaments get manipulated by use of hands and an appropriate oil by a qualified massage therapist. It is advisable to try different types of massage so as to find the best for you.

3. Try DIY Warming Rub For Soreness

This is a product that has turned out to be an effective homemade remedy for back pain relief. It is safe and effective pain relief massage oil that you can make easily in any kitchen.

DIY Warming Rub

Some of the recipes online of this wonderful product include coconut oil, cocoa butter, Cayenne Powder, Ginger Powder, Peppermint Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Arrowroot Powder and Clove Oil.

You mix them then rub on the painful part of the lower back where you are feeling the pain. Rub it gently for about ten to fifteen minutes. After some time, the pain will reduce and eventually eliminated.

4. Apply Ice First, Then Heat Later

Ice is a great pain reliever that most of the people are not aware of. It can block the pain signal and help to reduce the swelling in the affected part of the lower back.

You can lay an ice pack wrapped in a clean cloth or towel on the affected parts of the back. Do this several times for about 20 minutes. If you cannot access ice, you can use a bag of frozen corn or peas.

During the first few days of this treatment, you can apply ice pack as many times as you can and even after the exercise or physical activities. After 48 hours you are advised to apply moist heat so as to facilitate blood flow and thus reduce the painful spasms.

You can dip a towel in warm water, wring it, then lie on your stomach and place the warm towel over the painful area. Repeat this procedure several times a day for some days until there is no pain.

5. Always Stay Hydrated By Taking A Lot Of Water

Most of the people know that taking a lot of water is good for a proper health but did you know that it can help reduce the back pain?

Help Reduce the BackPain

For the individuals with back conditions, taking a lot of water on a daily basis helps the intervertebral discs stay healthy. Besides, it can reduce the stiffness of the backbone which may be the cause of your pain.

Water is also known to be a transport medium in the body, and this means that it will assist you to carry the healing nutrients and oxygen to the exact part where the pain is felt thus enhancing the healing process.

Finally, water can assist to flush out the toxins out of the muscles and soft tissues which may be the source of pain.

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