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High Heels And How They Can Cause Back Pain

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High heels are the shoes most women would wear when they are going out on a date or a party. This is because they give a taller and slender impression of a lady’s body. They make a woman look elegant.

The question is, at what cost? Price is not the question on the table, health is. High heels have been known to either cause back pain or aggravate existing back problems.

How Heels Affect Normal Balance?

Heels change the healthy posture at which human beings normally use. They raise the angle at which the heel of the foot is normally tilted which gives a woman a sexy accentuated leg posture.

What most people do not know is that wearing heels shifts center of gravity of your body by forcing feet to slide forward, forcing the upper body to lean backward to compensate for the body’s off-kilter balance without mention the change in pressure at the ball of the feet.

The combination of these activities reduces the normal lordosis which contributes to abnormal stress levels on muscles, joints, and ligaments in the lower spine region.

Lower Back Pain

How Heels Bring The Lower Back Pain?

Inclination caused by heels cause the lower back to arch inwards. This results in compression of the nerve endings and closure of facet joints at the region which could cause lumbar hyperlordosis.

Unlike in normal movement where facet joints of the lower vertebrae open during movement, most of the facet joints remain closed under this condition. This is what causes pain in the lower back.

Pain also arises due to lack of proper blood supply in tissues and muscle in the region as a result of forced arching of the lower back.

The effects of compressed nerve endings do not stop at lumbar hyperlordosis; they lead to Sciatica. Sciatica refers to a condition where a tingling sensation, numbness, and pain run across the lower back to the lower part of the legs through the sciatic nerve.

Sciatica can also be caused by chronic spasm in gluteus and lower back muscles as they try to compensate for the lost balance due to lower back inclination brought by the tilt in heels. This disease could lead to damages on the Achilles tendon.

High Heels Cause Back Pain

Wearing heels does not result in pain in the lower back alone; it affects the upper back too. Heels displace the thoracic spine. Although this happens rarely, it could lead to pains in the upper back as a result of disc displacement.

To end, wearing heels achieves a desirable look at the cost of back health. It could lead to several back pains and worsen existing back complications.

It is advisable to cut the length of heels that a person is to wear this is because a higher heel generates a steeper angle which could have even worse implications on a lady’s back compared to a low heel.

If a person is to wear heels, they should also cut back on the length of time in which they have them on. It is important to have other flat shoes to alternate with heels in a work environment.

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