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Exercises For Back Pain Treatment

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There are a vast amount of reasons why people suffer back pain. Some due to unusual stress placed on the muscles and others that have become chronic.

The main reason people suffer back pain is the lack of exercise. They get up in the morning, after sleeping in unnatural positions; have an on-the-go breakfast; sit in traffic for an hour or two and then spend their day sitting behind a desk and in front of a computer. In the evening when they get home, they are exhausted, mentally and they fall asleep in front of television.

So what can they do to ease, or ultimately rid themselves of back pain?

Exercise and Stretching

Back Pain Treatment

When people sit the whole day, every day, their muscles begin to weaken and shorten. This means that when they get up, they place more tension on their muscles.

The muscles that are mainly affected are the hamstring muscles that stretch right up into the lower back.

Due to this fact, stretching is severely important for those muscles. The mistake most people make is that they jump out of bed and start stretching and make their back problems worse. To avoid this, the best thing they could do is to line up a few exercises for back pain and to gently start doing stretching of muscles.

One of the best back pain exercises is the bridge exercise. This exercise was not only intended to strengthen the back, but also to strengthen the entire core. The individual must lie on their back with their knees bent and feet placed flat on the ground. While maintaining a relaxed upper body, their focus should be to tighten their abdominal and gluteus muscles and to raise their hips to form a straight line down from their knees to their shoulders. If they are total beginners, they shouldn’t worry too much about their quantity, but rather on their form and posture. They should aim for about five repetitions a day and slowly increase the amount of these they do each day until they reach about 20 a day.

The cat stretch is another excellent back pain exercise for people to do, especially in combination with the one mentioned above. The movement of the cat stretch is contrary to the bridge exercise, and thus their backs will be exercised in a balanced manner. After getting on their hands and knees, they should slowly arch their backs – they should attempt to imitate a cat and picture their abdomens being pulled upwards towards the ceiling. Following this, they should allow their back and belly to relax again, but in a controlled manner.

By getting into a habit of doing these exercises, people suffering from back pain will be amazed at the freedom they’ll experience in a few days. Their focus should be to increase their core strength, to increase the flexibility of their abdomen and their back muscles and to change the lifestyle that caused this problem in the first place.

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