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Back pain is a common condition among various people that can lead to disability. Most people experience back pain at least once in their lifetime, and there are multiple causes of this condition. For instance, acute back pain is usually a result of heavy lifting or a fall.

Other forms of back pain have a link to muscle or ligament strain as a result of constant pressure on your back due to heavy lifting. If the disks that help to cushion the bones in your spine rapture, then you can also experience back pain. Arthritis and spine irregularities are also other factors that can cause back pain. If you have a history of other diseases like cancer, they may also contribute to the problem of back pain.

Anyone can develop back pain, and the risk factors are prevalent among older people. Lack of exercise can also cause back pain while excess weights also cause back pain. Excess weight can put stress on your back, and this is common among pregnant women. Muscle aches and stabbing pain are some of the common symptoms of back pain.

The good news about back pain is that surgery is rarely necessary to treat this problem. Proper body mechanics and simple home treatment can heal your back within a short period. If the pain persists, then it is essential to see a doctor though back pain rarely causes serious medical problems.

Apart from home treatment, there are also other back pain products that can help treat your condition. As such, this guide gives you details about specific doctor approved products that you can buy to address the problem of back pain. Some of these products are not in the form of medication but items that can help improve your posture.

AOOU Adjustable Laptop Stand

Sitting behind your computer desk all day long weakens our back and core. It also tightens our hips while at the same time confining us to the same position that can cause discomfort.  The adjustable standing laptop desk can play a pivotal role in alleviating back pain related to spending more time sitting.

The adjustable desk makes it possible for you to shift from sitting to standing positions so that you do not remain stuck in one spot. The laptop stand is sturdy and lightweight such that you can carry it to any place you desire. It is also your companion, and it comes with a bonus of helping your machine to cool in case of overheating.

standing computer desk help back painThe other handsome feature about this particular desk is that you can adjust it to your preferred height. It can fit kneeling, sitting or even in between positions depending on what you desire at that moment. You can use this versatile desk in any place such as the office or home, and it is also suitable for outdoor purposes.

The adjustable laptop desk gives your neck much relief by not continually looking down on your laptop.  The desk also allows your neck and the back part to be flexible especially if you spend more time working on your computer. AOOU is just one of the brands out in the retail market, you probably have heard of Vari-desk on television.

RAD Roller

RAD roller consists of rubber, and this is a good product for people who spend most of their time sitting in the office. The roller plays a pivotal role in increasing the flow of blood in your, and this also helps to reduce the risks of developing back pain. The roller perfectly brackets your spine, and it grips your skin to soothe it against any pain.

The roller massages your muscles and shoulder blade, and it significantly relieves tension in your lower and upper back. The item also helps to improve movement in the rib cage to prevent stiffness at the end that can result in pain. The roller also enhances mobility while at the same time aiding pain recovery through self-release of myofascial.

The roller is suitable for the neck, upper back, and feet and you can also use it on triceps, calves, adductors as well as hamstrings and many more. The product is also ideal for aspects like body maintenance, relieving muscle pain and tightness and it also improves flexibility.

Source: RAD Roller

On top of that, the roller is portable, and it can easily fit into your chair, and it does not distract anyone.  The roller is also useful for increasing performance during training. Long distance drivers can also use it to prevent fatigue.

However, it is important to remember that this product is not for treating or preventing the condition of back pain. If you have severe back pain problems, it is recommendable to consult your doctor.

Orthopedic Gel Enhanced Seat

The premium orthopedic seat is another recommendable product that can help solve the problem of back pain. The position has a comfortable memory foam cooling coccyx that helps relieve pain in your back. The place also helps reduce stress on your hips and tailbone while sitting of hard surface.

The gel cushion is ideal for an office chair or when you are driving. It offers support to your back especially when you spend more time in the same sitting position. You can also use it on any other chair to give you maximum comfort when sitting to prevent pain in the back.

gel seat for back painFrequent travelers can also find this cushion useful in offering comfort, and they can use it in airplanes. The pillow also provides maximum comfort for those who use wheelchairs. When you are in a wheelchair, you remain in the same position over a long period hence the need for additional support. The seat cushions you against back pain from the same posture over a long time.

The other advantage of the gel enhanced seat is that it is portable. You can pack it in your traveling bag, and the other issue is that it has a zippered cover that is easy to wash. Its cooling gel foam makes you feel comfortable wherever you are sitting.

Innova Therapeutic Inversion Table

The Innova advanced heat and massage has an adjustable lumbar pad which also helps to relieve pain all over your body. The massage table does not only focus on one problem area but massages different parts of the body at the same time. The table is ideal for managing elements like chronic pain.

The inversion table has six adjustable positions, and it also has a patent-pending protective cover to help you quickly position the table. The cover also helps to improve comfort, and it provides the required firmness during the massage. The heat massage table also has an adjustable headrest pad consisting of large energy foam.inversion table to relief back pain The inversion table can also accommodate people with varying body sizes since it has a large backrest. You can adjust the device to massage the position you desire while giving you maximum comfort. However, it is essential to consult a physician before you use this product since other medical conditions may not be suitable for its use.

The table is a bit expensive compared to other products that help relieve pain, especially in the back. However, this should not deter you from buying the product since it effectively helps to reduce pain. When you purchase this table, you also get a one year warranty.

ComforTrac Deluxe Home Cervical Traction Kit

The Comfortrac cervical traction device helps you to manage back and neck pain at home. The method is good for relieving pain, but it is essential to consult your doctor first before using it. The device may not be suitable for use on certain conditions.

The cervical traction kit functions by cradling your head and it also independently adjusts the neck wedges to provide the most comfortable fit for you. The device is convenient, and it is too easy to use. It has a hand pump that you can use to increase or decrease traction around your neck so that you can feel comfortable.

The cervical traction device is a drug-free remedy that offers pain relief and quick results to people with compression of the spine. It provides decompression of the spine to help in eliminating pain while at the same time it promotes active rehabilitation.

The cervical traction unit is fully adjustable so that it can give you maximum comfort while at the same time relieving pain. The comfortable surfaces help to soothe pain in your body. The other advantage of this device is that it is portable. The simple one-button pump release makes it very simple to use since you can determine the level of traction you desire.  See manufacturer’s website for information regarding their lumbar traction kit.

ProSource Flex Half Round Foam Rollers

The ProSource Flex Foam is a versatile product that helps o gently massage tight muscles. A half round flex foam roller significantly improves your lifestyle in various ways. This product gives you a better balance, and it also enhances your strength. A healthy body is not susceptible to issues like back pain.

The dense foam helps to massage your body gently while providing sufficient pressure that helps to relieve pain. The device is also useful since it helps you to improve body awareness as well as blood circulation. Muscle pain is usually a result of ted flow of blood in the body, and you can use this particular device to improve its circulation.

half round foam roller to stretch ligamentsFor better health, it is essential to make the flex foam part of your daily routine.  The device helps to release trigger points while at the same time loosening tight muscles. It also helps to improve flexibility in areas that are commonly tight such as the back, hamstrings, and calves.

Source:  Active Family Physiotherapy

The ProSource Flex Foam also enhances fast recovery in sensitive areas, and it promotes spinal alignment. The foam also provides moderate pressure to ensure that you can use it with less discomfort. The foam comes in different sizes and you can use it for various activities to that can improve the strength of your body.

Upright Go Posture Trainer

Good posture is the best remedy that can help you overcome problems associated with pain. Therefore, the posture trainer is a smart device that you place on your upper back, and it reminds you to maintain a good posture. It uses a real-time vibration reminder to sit or stand correctly without bending.

back posture app

The device also helps you to design a personalized training plan that can help your brain to be aware of bad posture. The tool gives you feedback that can help you strengthen your back so that it can resist pain. The device is smart and portable, and it gives you long-lasting results within a short period.

Source: Upright

Nayoya Back And Neck Pain Relief

Nayoya is another product that can help you to relieve back and neck pain instantly. You can easily use this remedy in the comfort of your home, and it takes effect in about 20 minutes.  With this remedy, you do not need to go for medical checks or chiropractic visits.

mat and lumbar support to relieve back painThe remedy gives you a complete sense of relaxation while at the same time reducing tension and pain. Apart from relieving back pain, the treatment also helps to relieve a headache. The treatment method also improves blood circulation, sleep, energy level, and mood.

Penetrex Pain Relief Cream

The Penetrex Relief Cream offers instant relief to back pain by merely applying it to areas that you experience discomfort, numbness, pain or tingling. You can use the cream on your knees, back, neck or hands and the results are compelling and long-lasting.

Penetrex inflamation cream

The product is easy to apply, and it also absorbs quickly, and it does not cause stains on clothes or bed linen. The other important aspect is that the cream is not addictive and it does not create any side effect. More importantly, the cream is affordable, and it costs about $20. You can purchase the cream online or at your local supermarket.

There are various remedies and back pain products that you can use to treat back pain problems, and these are drug-free. In most cases, issues of back pain usually do not require medication but physical therapy. However, before you decide to buy any of these remedies, it is essential to consult your doctor first to avoid worsening certain conditions.

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