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Best GPS Trackers for Outdoor Enthusiasts

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You may be wondering why GPS Tracking devices.  Well, a lot of back pain sufferers are athletes and outdoor enthusiast that like to go backpacking, camping, or skiing.  The back pain is a trade-off for the activity they love.

GPS Tracking devices are becoming more popular as prices become more affordable.  There are many uses for GPS tracking devices, and some could mean the difference between life or death.

Outdoor enthusiasts know that there is nothing that beats the thrill, energy, and excitement that outdoor activities and outdoor adventures bring.  But sometimes, accidents and the unexpected happen and they replace the excitement with fear.

A skier, for example, could find himself/herself in the middle of an avalanche or a member of a hiking team could lose his bearings and in so doing, get separated from his/her team.

Even your own child could get lost while you are out camping in the woods or riding their bike too far from home.

Whatever happens, you need to be ready to be able to track down your loved ones and ensure that they are safe and sound.  The good news is that with a GPS tracker, one can always get access to valuable location-based information and therefore increase the chance of outdoor survival be it after an avalanche or after a hiking disaster.

Several popular GPS products are listed below:

1. Amber Alert GPS

If you intend on going for an outdoor adventure, then this is simply one of the best and well-equipped tracking devices you can use.

This is large because of the fact that it has quite a number of features that are meant to make it easy for you to track and locate your loved ones. It includes capabilities to live track, options to customize zones and two-way calling.

To make it even better, the device comes with a panic button that when pressed, sends vital location information to up to 10 devices in the form of text alerts.

AmberAlert GPS tracker

As for the battery life, the Amber Alert GPS performs impressively considering its numerous features and capabilities.  When set to give updates in 5-minute intervals, it can last for up to 42 hours.

The Amber Alert GPS free app that can be accessed on Android, iOS as well as on a computer.  It can be purchased for $125 though it will cost an extra $15 every month to use it.

2. PocketFinder GPS Trackers

If you are after a tracker that performs well and is easy to use, then this is exactly what you need. Priced at $129 plus a monthly fee of $12.95, this device has a long and impressive battery life of 104 hours.

The impressive battery life is further reinforced by the fact that it has a feature that allows it to sleep when it senses that it hasn’t been in use for long.

PockerFinder GPS

With the PocketFinder, you can customize the update intervals to as frequently as every 2 minutes or as rare as once every day.  This means that you can either choose to maximize battery life or maximize accuracy.

It also comes with a zone creation feature that comes with the uniqueness of being able to create a zone instantaneously around the device’s location.  Both iOS and Android devices support the PocketFinder.

Unlike the Amber Alert, however, the device does not have voice-to-voice capabilities.

3. Trackimo

The main advantage of the Trackimo GPS tracker is its affordability and small size.  Though the initial cost stands at $139 which is higher than both the PocketFinder and the Amber Alert, it will cost you absolutely nothing to use the device in the first year.

When the free subscription does end, it will only cost you $5 every month to use it.  Even international use of this device comes at no extra charge whatsoever.

Trackimo GPS teenage driver

The device can be set to give updates in intervals of as low as 1 minute.  The battery life is approximately 51 hours which is largely due to the fact that the tracking schedule is motion-activated.

As small as it is, the storied history of the Trackimo can stretch for as long as 48 days. It also has a panic button which makes it easier for your loved ones to alert you in case of any threats/problems.

Probably one of the biggest drawbacks of the Trackimo is its fragile nature. The charging port, for example, is uncovered, making it exposed to threats such as water.

However, it has many more uses than tracking a person, it can be used to track your airline luggage, a drone that flies out of range, your teenager driving your car.

4. Precision Innovation – Caref GPS Phone Watch

This tracker stands out from the rest, not only in terms of price but also in terms of design and the number of features it offers. It comes in the form of a watch that can be worn by both adults and children.

The best thing about the Caref GPS is its ability to receive both calls and text messages as well as the ability to call any three emergency contacts.

Other impressive features offered by this tracker include a panic button, motion-activated tracking and a long battery life of up to 57 hours.

An even more unique feature of this tracker is the Augmented Reality feature which is meant to ease up the tracking process.

The Caref GPS which can easily be mistaken for being just a watch has an initial cost of $99.97 and a monthly usage fee of $9.95 making it worth every single cent spent on it!

5. Trax

Weighing just 1.5 ounces, Trax is one of the smallest and lightest GPS trackers in the market.

The small size of this tracker should however not mislead you into thinking that it has little to offer.

It is capable of working in more than 30 countries and uses GPS, GLONASS and Galileo satellites to give the most accurate location-based information.

Trax gps tracker

In addition to that, the device is motion-activated with the unique ability to increase or decrease the update intervals based on the speed at which the device is moving.

The zone features on the Trax also allow users to draw zones in freehand meaning that they get to define and shape the zones in whatever way they like.

The Trax comes at an initial cost of $249 which is higher than most GPS trackers. Luckily, however, the first two years of using it are cost-free.

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