Listing of Back Pain Products

Back Pain Products To Try At Home

When you are suffering from lots of back pain, you will literally try anything! However, with so many different back pain products and remedies to select from, it can be overwhelming (and costly ) to try all of the options before finding what is perfect for you.

We have assembled a list of 10 of the best back pain products to help you find what you need to get some relief and 4 free things you can try right now!…

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Feel Pain

How Do We Feel Pain? What Makes Pain Hurt?

Scientists are unraveling the processes within the body that cause the unpleasant feeling of pain. Here’s a straightforward explanation of what happens when you feel one kind of pain.

How Do We Feel Pain?

  1. You prick your finger on anything sharp. This causes tissue injury, which can be read by nociceptors (microscopic pain receptors) in your skin. Every pain receptor makes one end of a nerve cell (neuron). It’s connected to the opposite end in the spinal cord by a long nerve fiber or axon. After the pain receptor is triggered, it transmits an electrical signal up the nerve fiber.
  2. The nerve fiber is bundled with many others to make a peripheral nerve. The electrical signal passes up the
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Spinal Decompression Treatment Option For Back Pain Relief

Have You Tried Spinal Decompression To Ease Your Back Pain?

For those who have lasting back pain and associated other ailments, you know how disruptive to your life it can be. You may not be ready to think of something else to find relief. Some people today turn to spinal decompression treatment — either nonsurgical or surgical. Here is what you want to know to help determine whether it may be ideal for you.

Nonsurgical Spinal Decompression

Nonsurgical decompression is a sort of motorized pulling that might help ease back pain. Spinal decompression works by smoothly stretching the backbone. That improves the force and position of the backbone. This change takes the pressure away from the spine, which is gel-like pads within the bones in your spine, by producing negative …

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Non-Surgical Chronic Back Pain Treatments

What Is Low Back Pain?

Low back pain can range from annoying pain, dull, mild, to severe, persistent, disabling pain in the lower back. Pain in the spine can limit mobility and intervene with normal functioning.

What Causes Low Back Pain?

The root cause of low back pain can be hard to determine. Typically, back pain may be a symptom of many different reasons, including:…

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Best Mattress for Athletes

Athletic performance can depend on a lot of factors. Practice, nutrition, health, confidence, and of course sleep all play a role in how well athletes compete. Finding the right mattress is crucial to getting a good night’s sleep. Doctors typically recommend getting between 7-8 hours per night for peak performance the next day.

HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is a natural hormone made by the body that helps individuals build muscle and strengthen their bones. Studies show that production of HGH in adults occurs primarily at night, during deep sleep. When a person doesn’t get the sleep they need, HGH production drops and so does their athletic abilities.…

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crossfit training

Start Working Out And How To Stay Motivated

One of the best things a person can do for their health is to engage in some sort of physical activity several times a week. Exercise has been shown to have a phenomenal impact on mental health including: improved happiness, reduction of stress, better sleep, and boosted self-esteem. Anyone suffering from a mood disorder is usually advised by their therapist to engage in physical activity multiple times each week, if not daily.

Working out has also been proven in some cases to help patients lower their blood pressure better than prescription medications. Studies reveal that exercise (especially aerobic) can drastically reduce the chances of developing heart disease and diabetes.

With the numerous mental and physical wellness perks being common …

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Back Injury: A Leading Risk of Hiking and Extreme Outdoor Sports

Injuries are always a possibility in any type of physical activity. From concussions from a football game, breaking a limb in a bike accident, to straining back muscles while doing yard work, it can feel like a crisis is just one error in movement away. Though some injuries are unavoidable, some can be easily prevented by wearing protective gear, staying alert, choosing an appropriate level of difficulty in sports challenge, and stretching beforehand.

Seeking out the guidance of a licensed chiropractor can be a pertinent step in achieving a safer exercise routine. Regular visits to a chiropractor can help treat and sometimes prevent musculo-skeletal injuries. A chiropractor can advise their patients on safety practices to avoid injury to the …

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lower back pain

Where Does That Ache Come From? The Science of Back Pain

It is estimated that 8 in every 10 people have at one point in their lives experienced back pain. In fact, so prevalent is back pain that in 2010, the Global Burden of Disease singled it out as the top most cause of disabilities in the world. Unfortunately, back pain can be experienced by almost anyone, regardless of race, age or gender. It is however more likely to be experienced by overweight people, smokers, pregnant ladies, those who are ageing and even those who are experiencing high levels of stress. Although the reasons for experiencing back pain may not be so clear at times, science asserts that there are several potential causes.…

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AmberAlert GPS tracker

Best GPS Trackers for Outdoor Enthusiasts

You may be wondering why GPS Tracking devices.  Well, a lot of back pain sufferers are athletes and outdoor enthusiast that like to go backpacking, camping, or skiing.  The back pain is a trade-off for the activity they love.

GPS Tracking devices are becoming more popular as prices become more affordable.  There are many uses for GPS tracking devices, and some could mean the difference between life or death.…

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back pain

Effective Back Pain Treatments

Back pain is one of the most common conditions nowadays, with over 80 percent of adults living in North America complaining about it.

When it comes to treating back pain, it is wise to start with non-surgical options, such as medication, home remedies and exercises.

People who dive into extreme treatments, such as x-rays, narcotics, epidural injections or surgery, may experience more complications and have bigger issues in the long run.

Here are some of the most effective treatment options and remedies for back pain.…

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